Activities to get your kids out of the house for a few hours

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Hiking is always a great activity to get outside and enjoy where you live. Pick easier trails to take your kids on so that they don’t get too tired, leaving you to have to attempt to carry multiple children home. A good activity to have on your hike is to bring a bag for each child, and have them collect their favorite leaves, rocks, etc. At the end of the hike, make sure they leave their collections so that other kids can find them.

The best thing about hikes is that you don't have to be all put together. Just get out of the house and have a good time, let the kids get dirty, and they'll all want naps when you get home.


Motivating your children to read can be difficult while sitting in your home where they are surrounded by their toys. Taking a trip to the library is great because it provides an opportunity for your kids to read and pick out new books they really want to read. Kids love new things which is why the library is a great activity for your kids.


We love eating out on occasion and it’s a great learning experience and change of scenery for kids. If you go in with no expectations it usually ends up being a pretty good time. Our favorite things to treat Emma to are donut holes on a Saturday morning or chick-fil-a. Occasionally we’ll go to a sit down restaurant and she enjoys seeing new faces and coloring on her place mat.

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