We're a family of three just trying to make the most of life and share what we love with others. A few of those things include hiking, climbing, photography, good food, dance parties, and of course our daughter Emma. We've experienced some amazing things and some incredibly hard things during the short history of our young family.  We want to lift others up who are struggling as well as help people move on and remember how to enjoy life again. We want to provide quality goods to help you through parenthood. More importantly, we're here to share honest experiences, our truth, and tools to help you embrace the parent you already are.

When it comes to being a parent you are the best version of you when you embrace your strengths and stop trying to be what everyone else wants you to be. Our goal is to help you reach that point and be the example of confidence and strength that your kids need in their life. 

We believe life should be simple and that joy can be found in simple moments. We believe fresh mountain air is good for the soul.  We believe when it comes to material things, less is more. We believe that you certainly don’t have to, “have it all,” but what you do have should be amazing, beautiful, and last a lifetime.