What's in My Diaper Bag?

What's in My Diaper Bag?

I consider myself somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to my diaper bag. Maybe that's because I only have a toddler right now. I prefer not to have my bag stuffed to the brim, because then I basically have to unpack it to find what I'm looking for. That said, I still have quite a bit in there. Here are some things you can always find in my diaper bag:
1. Diaper Supplies: At least two diapers, accompanied by an almost empty tube of rash cream, because it takes up less space that way. I have a refillable wipes pouch (also so I don't use as much space). And of course, the accompanying changing pad.
2. Hand supplies: sanitizer, lotion, wet wipes, and nail clippers.
3. Food/ Drinks: granola bars, fruit snacks, and a snack stack full of foods my toddler
likes. We have an empty sippy cup in the bag at all times, and when my son was younger, we would make sure to always have a bottle on hand.
4. Money: Cash and store/credit cards. Because I'm usually shopping with my toddler anyway, and then I don't have to bring a purse. I keep all of these in a zippered inside pocket, out of sight.
5. Mess supplies: I have a small wet bag for any clothes that may get wet because of a spill or blowout. I also have several handkerchiefs in there because they are more absorbent than wipes and napkins for major messes. (I used to keep an extra change of clothes for my baby when he was younger, but now I don't.)
The thing I love most about my diaper bag is the pockets. I keep all of the above supplies in the various pockets of my diaper bag, freeing up the space in the middle of the diaper bag for anything else I need to throw in last minute.
Written by Rebekah Hiatt of Man Cub Mamas
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