Minimalist Mom Wardrobe : 333 Project

Minimalist Mom Wardrobe : 333 Project

If you've read my blog post on minimalism you know we are on a journey toward changing both our brand and our life due to Nate's cancer diagnosis and inspiration from the minimalists. One of the first steps in this journey was cleaning out my closet and committing to buying sustainable clothing in the future. 

I'm currently half way through the 333 project, where you wear 33 items of clothing for three months. While it might sound ridiculous, or nearly impossible, let me tell you that it's totally doable and has already started to change my attitude and help simplify my life. 

The best way to thrift :

A huge resource during the purging of my closet was Swap, "the largest online consignment shop... Preventing waste by making it easy to buy high quality pre-owned clothes, accessories, toys and games for babies, children, women and men."

I was able to clear out three trash bags full of clothes from my closet! Most of the clothes I hadn't worn in over a year and some of them still had tags. Here are some of the items I decided to say goodbye to. 

After the closet purge I bought a few items from Swap to replace some of my favorite items that had too much wear. I also found a few cute things for Emma. This shirt was only $5.60 and I got the tank top blouse along with some really cute olive pants for Emma for $4.20!!! They have insanely good deals for the cutest clothes.

One of my favorite things to buy from thrift  and consignment stores is jeans. I hate when jeans stain my furniture and fit perfectly when I buy them but shrink later. Swap has a great selection of jeans and the ones I bought were just pre-loved enough to fit me well without having to worry about them shrinking or die rubbing off. 


My current capsule wardrobe

Because we live in Utah and experience all four seasons I kept some summer items for a summer capsule wardrobe and kept winter items to wear only during the winter. My current capsule wardrobe consists of 3 pairs of shoes, 4 pairs of jeans, Hoodie, Jacket, 5 button up shirts, 3 dresses, 3 skirts, 2 sweaters, 1 tank top, 3 dressier blouses, 5 t-shirts, a watch, and a pair of pearl earnings. 

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