10 Tips To Keep Your Kids Entertained Winter

10 Tips To Keep Your Kids Entertained Winter

It comes as a surprise to absolutely NO ONE that winter is the season of bundling up, hunkering down, and trying to just power through. But when it comes to having kids, especially busy ones, entertaining and educating them is SO important and hunkering down isn't exactly an option.

When the winter blues get you, and you're out of options to entertain the kids, sometimes a little hint or suggestion could really come in handy!

Here are 10 tips to entertain your kids during the winter!

1 - Build a snowman or snow fort! Let their imaginations run WILD! (if you have no snow, how about a blanket fort?!)

2 - Have a mini movie marathon with family-friendly films.

3 - Paint pictures or make crafts.

4 - Put together puzzles.

5 - Play board games.

6 - Have an indoor scavenger hunt.

7 - Make a snow globe. (See how here)

8 - Bake something together.

9 - Have a dance party.

10 - Have a game night with friends or family.

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