1-12 Month Free Sticker Printables

We have created custom onesies for customers in the past; one onesie decorated for each month of a baby's first year. While these are awesome and make the best baby shower gifts, they can be a bit pricey for a pack of 12. This freebie is designed with your budget in mind! We have created a PDF download that can be easily printed on sticker pages like these. 
We'll walk you through the steps below on how to print the stickers as well as best practices for memorable monthly photos. Simply join our tribe by clicking "sign up" in the upper right hand corner of the webpage and we'll send you a printable instant download. 
1. After downloading the PDF, insert your sticker paper into the printer. 
2. Make sure when you go to print, you are printing true to size and aren't scaling the PDF at all.
3. You can print in either color or gray-scale. 
4. You've printed and you're all ready to do a mini photo shoot! Pick a blank onesie and put the applicable monthly sticker on your adorable babe. We recommend finding a well lit area of your home, preferably somewhere with blinds or shades you can open to let in even more light. Share your shoot with us on instagram by using #babybearoutfitters

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